Sustainable Builders

Sustainable Builders

So what is Sustainability?

Also known as "green building", it refers to structures using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient throughout a building’s life cycle.

Ramsay Builders has been accredited nationally through completion of the HIA GreenSmart training course. The GreenSmart training course covers solar passive design principles achieving climate responsive thermal performance of a house, and promoting water, energy and resource efficiency of the home

GreenSmart principles promote construction practices and fittings that are designed to:

  • improve energy, water and resource efficiency
  • enable homeowners to recycle more and waste less
  • reduce waste from the building process
  • create healthier homes for living
  • improve site management practices during construction

Building an energy efficient home doesn’t have to be expensive.  With careful planning on the design and the use of some products can help reduce your impact on the environment and your cost of living.

  • Recycled water for garden and toilets
  • Solar panels reducing your electricity bills
  • Orientation of your home so you get the best use of the sun
  • Insulation
  • The use of sustainable products such as Bamboo flooring.

Sustainable buildings are designed and constructed to high environmental standards and thereby; minimise energy requirements, reduce water consumption, use materials which are of low environmental impact.

Over time, we have modified our on-site practices to suit the demand for recycling and caring for the environment.

Approx. 10% of waste from our projects will end up as land-fill.