Are You Eligible for a Free Quote?

At Ramsay Builders, we’re passionate local builders so we want to help give Melburnians a fresh start for 2021. That’s why we’re offering free building quotes for a limited time only.

A building quote is a complex document, consisting of 35+ pages of detail and price breakdowns. For us to craft an accurate quote for your project takes many hours of time and research. We’ll reach out to all the relevant suppliers and contractors to ensure your building estimate is as close as possible to the final price you’ll pay.  

To create the most accurate quote possible for you, we require a few details about your project before we can get started. Keep reading to learn what documents we’ll need to create your free quote and then take our quiz to see if you’re eligible for this special offer!

Full working plans

In order to accurately cost every part of your project, we’ll need to know what’s involved. This means we need a copy of your full working house plans (also known as architectural drawings) including elevations and electrical plans. This will include detailed information on your floor plan and site layout. 

These documents are generally provided by your building designer or architect who will work with relevant consultants. To achieve the most accurate quote possible, it’s best that the plans provided to us are finalised and approved.  If town planning is applicable to your project, then a copy of the Council permit approved should also be provided.

Structural plans

Based on information and house plans provided by your architect or building designer, a registered engineer will then prepare structural plans for your new home. This will include details on the slab or foundations, load bearing walls and structural steel and bracing. 

Structural plans are not only integral when it comes to costing your project, they are also necessary for satisfying safety elements in building codes. We will need a copy of your full structural plans to prepare your free building quote.

Energy reports

When building a new home in Victoria, you are required to meet specific criteria around energy efficiency. For us to prepare your quote, we will need to sight an Energy Rating Report that shows your proposed home meets all specifications under the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS).

Town planning approval

If you’ve received dispensations or town planning approval for your project, please send through a copy for us to include in your building quote. These documents certify that your proposed works will comply with all the relevant building regulations.


At Ramsay Builders, we specialise in building high-quality custom homes in the Melbourne suburbs of the inner east and south-east. With over 25 years of experience, we have extensive knowledge of this local area and would love to share our expertise with you. 


We understand that budget is one of the most important factors in your new home. We will price your project based on current material and labour prices from local suppliers and contractors and provide an estimate. By sharing your budget with us at this stage, we are able to provide suggestions for alternative materials, fittings and fixtures or processes that may help to reach your costs, if necessary.

If you’re equipped with all of the above information, we’d love to chat about your project. Please take our quiz to confirm your eligibility and a member of the Ramsay Builders team will be in touch soon to learn more.

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