5 Ways Technology Is Making Home Building Easier

Technology has impacted every part of modern-day life. From mobile technology to improvements in medical research, there’s no denying its impact. It’s no different for construction, where developments in technology have revolutionised the way we design and build homes.

From digitalising procedures to creating virtual reality versions of your vision, here are 5 ways technology has made creating your home easier than ever.

1. Digitising Plans

Putting your vision on paper is one thing but being able to properly visualise them is another. That’s where Lifesize Plans come in – your working drawings are digitised and then projected onto a huge factory floor at a 1:1 scale, while physical furniture is added for scale.

This allows you to walk through your house, examining how spacious each of the rooms are and how the furniture will fit into each area. It also provides the ideal opportunity to make changes before construction begins.

2. Virtual Reality

If walking through your plans isn’t enough, why not opt for a virtual reality walk-through of your home? With the guidance of a design team, you can choose your tiles, appliances, finishes, fixtures and other furniture, before seeing how your decisions would translate into a finished home through a virtual reality app.

If something doesn’t look right, you’ll be able to change it right away, saving you money and time down the line.

3. Keeping it Mobile

If you’ve been on a building site recently, you may have noticed a site manager walking around with tablet in hand. Gone are the days of large folders with documents – all the information architectural home builders could ever need sits within their hands.

There are now apps to cover everything from budgets and schedules to planning and design, meaning changes can be made quickly and each member of the team – including you – can be kept informed at every step of the way.

4. Accurate Data Capture

 Construction is a numbers game, so capturing the right data is more important than ever. While in the past, blueprints, measurements and plans needed to be completed manually, advanced technology such as laser-based surveying, tunnelling and excavation equipment has made these processes seamless and much more accurate. It also reduces the margin for human error and can save you time and money throughout your project.

5. Project Management

Mobile, video and even drone technology is streamlining construction project management systems, increasing the chances of your project running smoothly. From time management to budgeting and billing, the digitisation of previously manual processes means less time on paperwork and more time on building!

It also means you have consistent contact with your project manager and can follow along as your dream home unfolds.


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