Can I bring my own plans to quote from?

Yes, we can quote from your plans and specifications or we can develop a specification together.

If you don’t have other documentation, such as structural plans, energy report and planning, then we can include this with the quoting.

What if I don’t have plans?

We will initially meet with you to gather some ideas and discuss time frames, our process and a wish list on your project.  If you wish to continue further, we will take a deposit and engage our Draftsman to develop concept plans.

We’re not sure where to start?

It is often a daunting thought on where to start, but we can assist and guide you through the many stages. We’ll sit down and discuss your budget by going through a list of questions from the type of design you’re after, type of roof tiles, appliances or kitchen cabinetry you may be interested in.  If you have a scrap book, bring this along as it will assist us with developing a concept on what you are after.  Once we get started and you can see your ideas come together, it will begin to flow into something tangible.

At what stage do you require a deposit / commitment?

We arrange a preliminary agreement which allows us to apply for further documentation to enable us to provide a quote and prepare documents for a building permit.

Are we able to have a refund if we no longer wish to proceed?

We will refund you the preliminary deposit less any expenses we have paid to proceed with documentation for your project.

What type of contract do you use?

We use a HIA New Homes contract, however we are also members of the Master Builders Association, so can also use their contract if required.

Can we supply some of our own products?

Yes, as long as long they comply with our building codes and practices and certification can be provided.

What is the difference between a draftsman and architect?

A draftsman is often called a “Building Designer”, who has the ability to sketch plans and complete to be full working drawings to be used for the building process. Architects have further qualifications and can often cost extra. Many will also charge a percentage of the total build cost.

What permits do we need to apply for?

We are able to take care of all permits including town planning, demolition permit and building permit. Other documentation we can obtain is council documentation, structural plans, energy rating documentation and other documentation to apply for a building permit.

What’s your average build time?

Depending on the type project and scope of works, approx.9 to 11 months from commencement of site works.

Do you accept changes once construction has commenced?

Yes, we are flexible to allow changes to be made during construction of your home.  Some clients are not able to visualise until they being to see the process take shape.  We raise a variation to the contract for your approval before any works or changes will be made.