Home Inspiration from around the world: Christmas Edition

Home is where the heart is, especially at Christmas. All over the world, families and friends are celebrating the festive season in homes that reflect both their lifestyle and surrounding natural environment.

For a little Christmas inspiration, we’ve borrowed Santa’s sleigh to travel the globe, finding design inspiration in every corner.


With temperatures dropping below zero, Christmas in Canada is all about staying warm! Therefore, an open fireplace or alternative heating solution is incredibly popular, ensuring that every visitor and guest is nice and toasty while feasting. Soft furnishings and natural stone also appear regularly, creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.


Christmastime in Copenhagen sees the perfect pairing of minimalist Scandinavian style and cozy winter warmers.Their home Neutral palettes and clean lines dominate the aesthetic, complemented by scaled-back decorations. Fabrics like linen, wool, feather and fleece keep the vibe comfortable, ensuring guests can truly relax.


In rustic country homes dotted across the French countryside, families are converging to celebrate over caviar, roast turkey and up to 13 desserts. Timber is the main feature of many of these homes, with exposed cross-beams on the ceiling and restored floorboards on the floor. The rustic furniture is completed by luxurious touches, including beautiful textures and home-made decorations.


At the other end of the world, we are sweltering through a hot Christmas! This means the pool and BBQ are almost in constant use and outdoor entertaining areas are key. Open-plan spaces and seamless indoor-outdoor living are key design features, ensuring that every guest is accommodated for!


In China, the celebration with food is associated with Chinese New Year, consisting of roast BBQ, chicken and soup.  A strong tradition is to hang paper  lanterns, which are make for a beautiful decoration for both indoors and outdoors.

6.South Korea

Christmas is all about family and sharing of food.  Bring their best food like BBQ beef, sweet potato noodles and kimichi, the family meal will be finished with Christmas cake, often steamed rice cake and fruit for decoration or a sweet buffet.

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