How Virtual Reality Is Changing The Building Industry

The advent of virtual reality (VR) technology developments has caused change across a number of industries, including construction. As the next step up from 3D modelling, it places designers, architects, builders and clients within a digital environment, making it easier to confirm designs, identify potential problems and rectify them prior to construction.

At Ramsay Builders, VR is a new technology that we are engaging in to bring our clients’ house plans and selections to life, once they have chosen them inside our Interactive Design Studio. In fact, we recently created a virtual reality video of an upcoming project in Glen Iris, to help the owner with finishing details and final selections.

VR offers the most realistic approach to view house plans and the overall design of a home before it has been completed. This gives clients the opportunity to get a sense of how their home with look and feel in the early stages of the construction process. Integrating a technology like this has many benefits within the building industry. Here are just a few of the ways this type of technology could affect how you build your home.

1. Improved user experience

Transforming house plans into a virtual reality video means a client can develop a strong understanding of how they’ll interact with their new home before construction begins. When given the chance to walk through their designs, clients may change their mind about dimensions, deeming the current rooms too big or too small. They can also finalise colours, finishes and fixtures.

It can also inform the design team of the same considerations, giving them a clearer understanding of how residents will use each room. It allows them to consider ventilation, light sources and smaller details, like where power sockets should be and where furniture could sit.

2. Streamlined processes

Virtual reality technology, such as our Interactive Design Studio, allows for a streamlined building journey. By making plans and drawings easier to showcase and present, it eliminates the potential for miscommunication between all involved and ensures that every party has a clear understanding of the materials to be used and the specific design elements. This, by proxy, improves the accuracy of the project and can save time and money.

3. Safer workplace

Every workplace has its risks and a building site is no different. Virtual reality’s ability to improve safety on a project is twofold. Firstly, it offers an opportunity for tradespeople and sub-contractors to improve their skills and knowledge, simulating training situations.

Secondly, virtual reality programs allow project managers to identify any potential safety issues and rectify these before they arise in the construction process. This means a safer project for all involved and a higher chance of finishing on time and within your specific budget.


Check out how we’ve used virtual reality to bring our client’s plans to life at this project in Glen Iris:

We can’t wait to see the finished project early next year!


To find out more about virtual reality or get started on the conception of your dream custom home, get in touch with Brett and the team at Ramsay Builders today!

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