What’s Included In Your Home?

While building a custom home from scratch is an exciting prospect, it can also be a daunting one. Especially when it comes to making decisions about materials, fittings, fixtures and other crucial elements of your new home. If this is your first time building, you may also be wondering what exactly is included in your home.

 At Ramsay Builders, our luxury home builders aim to make this entire process simple for you, streamlining the planning and design phases so you know exactly what you need to select and exactly what you’ll end up with, come handover.



Keep reading to find out what’s included in a Ramsay built home.




Our Custom Design Checklist 


When you engage our team, we’ll start by catching up to chat through your design brief. We’ll ask you a selection of questions to learn more about your lifestyle and what you’re hoping to get out of your new home.

 Through this checklist, we can discover your must-have items, any hobbies that need to be catered to in your home and what your goals for the new home are – for example, if you like to entertain, this might be a better space for having guests over. 

 You’ll also able to tell us things like how many bedrooms you need, what style of kitchen you’re looking for and where you would ideally like particular rooms located. 


















































Custom Specification Checklist 













































Once your design brief is completed, we’ll move onto the details! With our custom specification checklist, you can easily make decisions about every element of your custom home – from the floor to the ceiling. Many clients find this checklist a great guide through the selections process, however if you already have specific ideas or brands in mind, we can also work with these.













































Our custom checklists are designed to make sure all aspects of your new home have been considered, so we can design, quote and build it to your exact specification. Our dedication is to building your dream custom home and we have carefully created the design and specification checklists to ensure we do just that.













































Here are some of the things you’ll find in our detailed breakdown of specifications:













































  • Cladding: We’ll give you a range of cladding options for you to choose from, for both the lower floor and upper wall of your new home. Some options include brick, brick and acrylic, Hebel and render.
  • Roofing: You’ll be able to choose from terracotta tiles, Colorbond steel sheeting and concrete. 
  • Kitchen: We’ll break down every aspect of the kitchen, including benchtop and cabinetry materials, door and drawer styles, splashback design and your desired basin. We’ll also leave space for you to list your required appliances and any particular brands you’d like to purchase. 
  • Flooring: This area is separated into three sections: living area, wet areas and shower base. You’ll be able to tell us exactly what flooring material you’re after for every inch of your new home. 













































This is only scratching the surface of our detailed custom specification checklist. You’ll also be able to make choices about bedrooms and wardrobes, electrical additions, windows and doors, tiling, landscaping, fencing, retaining walls, stairs, skirting boards and architraves, shower screens, taps, hot water, cooling and heating systems, the laundry and alfresco flooring, among others. 













































Our design checklists make the home building process easy and allow our clients to check exactly what their new home will include long before construction begins. If you’re looking to work with an honest and transparent new home builder, get in touch with the team of architectural home builders at Ramsay Builders today.
















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