In the summer months, we love being outdoors, especially when it comes to entertaining. Having a space that’s comfortable, easy to maintain and of course, functional, makes enjoying the longer days with lazy lunches and alfresco dinners easier than ever.

But when it comes to visualizing your outdoor space, where do you begin? To help you on your design journey, here are some of the trends we’ve noticed rising in popularity over the last few months.

Indoor/outdoor is here to stay

The outdoor area is no longer a secondary effort, finalised when all the interiors are done. The seamless extension from indoor to outdoor is more important than ever, and so should be considered from the very start of the project. From an aesthetic point of view, it’s worth considering your choice of colour and finishes, as it ensures that space flows effectively visually as well as functionally.

Furniture has had an overhaul

Gone are the days of clunky timber tables and flimsy plastic – in 2018, we expect to see a lot more bench seating, introducing a permanent element into space. Furniture use is also set to be minimized, especially in smaller spaces. Wire chairs are a great starting point, with some added cushions for comfort. In line with the permanent trend, built-in BBQs, fridges, and benches are also set to appear more often.

Firepits for heating

You may not feel like a firepit in the middle of summer, but come June, you’ll be very happy you’ve installed one. The natural heating source has risen in popularity over the last 12 months and is here to stay. There are plenty of ways to integrate a firepit into space, but two of the more popular options we’ve seen are as a featured piece of art (bowl) or as a table, with a strip through the centre.

Wicker and woven materials

The home-made atmosphere is back in a big way, introducing an added element of comfort into outdoor spaces. Woven cushions and wicker furniture are two of the ways to do this, sitting alongside woven placemats and day beds/lounges.

Ambiance through lighting and plants

The right lighting is incredibly important to any outdoor space. On top of functional lighting, we expect to see strip lighting emerge as a design frontrunner, introduced under steps and bench seats to create a warm ambience without too much effort. Coupled with some well-chosen plants and greenery, any space can be softened.

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