What Happens After You Sign A Building Contract?

Reaching the contract stage is exciting – you’re another step closer to the creation of your luxury custom home. With the paperwork largely out of the way and your design selections locked it, it’s time to dive into the construction process. 

But what does that look like? What comes after signing the building contract? In this blog, we explore the next steps of your building journey and how we go about this process at Ramsay Builders. Keep reading to learn more.

We’ll finalise documentation and obtain remaining approvals 

The first thing we’ll do after the contract is signed is finalise all construction documentation, including town planning approval (if required), demolition permits and council authorisation. If you’ve engaged a private building surveyor, we can provide them with all documentation we’ve obtained to date so they can acquire a building permit on your behalf. 

This is also the time to finalise any loans or finance required as most lenders will require a copy of your signed building contract, including the payment schedule, to confirm and release finance. Once all documentation is completed and approvals have been obtained, Ramsay Builders will set a start date for construction.

We’ll commence construction

It’s time to break ground! There are several construction stages involved in building or renovating a luxury custom home. Firstly, we’ll complete any demolition works, clearing and site preparation. After this, Ramsay Builders will pour the slab and erect the framework. From here, we’ll oversee all electrical and plumbing rough-ins, install insulation and waterproofing membranes, clad internal and external walls, and construct the roof. With the exterior of your home largely complete, we’ll start bringing the interiors to life alongside our team of expert trades and partners. 

At Ramsay Builders, we undertake a quality assurance process at the end of each stage to ensure all works have been completed to our high standards, before we move on. This also ensures your build progresses in a structured and timely manner.

You can watch along from home 

Throughout the build, Ramsay Builders will keep you informed with detailed progress updates and images via our client portal, Buildertrend. At the click of a button, you can access daily notes, photos, videos, schedules and any documents related to the build – including your contract. This means you’ll always know exactly what’s happening on site. 

Ramsay Builders will also organise regular on-site walkthroughs of your project so you can see the progress for yourself. At the completion of each stage of construction, as part of  our quality assurance process we will invite you to visit the site to ensure everything is progressing as per your expectations.

We’ll work collaboratively to incorporate any changes

While our state-of-the-art Interactive Design Studio reduces the likelihood of design changes during construction, variations do happen. Should you change your mind about an aspect of your design during the build, Ramsay Builders will work closely with you to incorporate this into the project. It is also possible that Ramsay Builders will need to make changes due to the availability of certain materials or unforeseen issues that arise on site.  

Any change to the building contract, by either you or Ramsay Builders, must be logged as a formal update known as a variation. This is an official alteration to the building contract and is a very simple process that can be completed through Buildertrend. We’ll walk you through the variation process well before you sign your contract so you’ll know exactly how to proceed should this be necessary.

We’ll handover your luxury custom home

With construction complete, it’s time for Ramsay Builders to handover your luxury custom home. The building contract is considered complete when all works according to the contract have been completed and a building surveyor has issued a certificate of occupancy. 

At this stage, we’ll walk you through the completed home one last time to ensure you are satisfied with every single aspect. Then, we’ll hand over the keys and a home owner’s manual complete with warranties, instructions, servicing and cleaning advice, so you can maintain the quality and value of your investment.

Our extended maintenance period provides peace of mind

Ramsay Builders provides a three month maintenance period to allow for any final details to be completed and perfected to your requirements. Once you’ve lived in your home for a year, we’ll complete another maintenance check as your home will have had time to expand and contract to its setting. Our team will be on hand to fix paint touch ups and adjust any doors or other items that may have shifted over the 12 months, so you can have true peace of mind that your new home will remain in tip-top condition.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ramsay Builders’ construction process, visit our website or get in touch with Brett and the team today.

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