Benefits of Polished Concrete

When we think of concrete flooring, we most likely think of cold, dull and only suitable in the garage or outdoors. Well, think again. Concrete can take on many different colours, patterns and sheens so it may be worth considering as a different option to tiles, if you after a unique look and style to your home. Once the concrete is sanded and polished it can take on a very different appearance. By adding some rugs, this can add warmth and style to your design.

The concrete surface can be grinded to expose the stones and aggregate for a natural look, or a pigment can be added if you want a particular colour theme.

The benefit of concrete is an easy surface to maintain that is hard wearing, especially in high traffic areas of your home. The surface looks great for many years, unlike tiles with grout lines wjhich require regular cleaning or timber surface that can scratch and dent, requiring it to be resealed. So, if you are after low maintenance, then this could be an option to consider.

The product is sustainable as can be an option of using the existing slab, therefore reducing the needs for extra material. It’s also energy efficient; cooling in summer and/or for winter warmth, heating can be installed within the slab.

Concrete is also great if you are an allergy sufferer due to the low maintenance of dust on the floor.

So the next time you are thinking of flooring, consider the options of concrete.

Pictured is a project we completed using concrete as the finished flooring.

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