Feng Shui Design

So what is Feng Shui? In doing this research, I came across many explanations, so this is my simple guide to how the design of your home can apply to Feng Shui and create the harmony for peaceful living.

Feng Shui is the arrangement and orientation to allow positive energy and flow within your home. The balance of the energies (chi) is to allow for good health and fortune, and how you design your home can affect the flow of this energy. This is often linked to the Yin and Yang symbol.

Leading up to the entrance of your home, there should be nothing blocking the flow of energy, such as a tree and the house number should be clearly visible.

The entrance should be free of clutter, such as no shoes or pots and the door should be well maintained. This entrance door should be the largest in the house to allow for the energy to easily flow inside. Upon opening of the entrance, what do you first look at? Ensure there is no clutter and that the kitchen can’t be seen. Kitchen Feng Shui is another detailed aspect, so won’t complicate these guidelines.

If there is a staircase, this shouldn’t face towards the entrance as the positive energy will flow straight back out the door. Also, the front door shouldn’t align with the rear door as the energy will escape. The energy needs to flow through all rooms, especially the kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom.

Natural ventilation and lots of daylight will assist with the flow of energy. In bedrooms, the beds should face south-east so as to sleep and wake in harmony with nature. Restful sleeping is important for positive energy and thinking.

De-clutter – everything in its place to allow for positive thinking. Get rid of any items that are no longer used and just taking up space. This includes items in the garage.

No sharp corners are to face towards the bed, dining table and lounge as these are areas of rest.

Mirrors can be placed around your house to direct positive energies to flow through.

Feng Shui can be applied to any new or existing home and each room will have more specific principles, but these simple guidelines can be used to get you started.

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