Five Bathroom Trends to Look Out for in 2019

The humble bathroom is experiencing a renaissance in 2019, with homeowners, architects, builders and designers realising the importance of combining function and form in what was previously a solely practical space.

As it becomes a larger area of focus, we are seeing a number of trends arise out of bathroom design. Here are some of our favourites.

1.Space is a priority

The idea of space saving has moved beyond storage options to include necessary components like cisterns and basins. New technology means that a basin can sit where a cistern would traditionally be, cutting down on the room required. In fact, visible cisterns are on the out altogether, with designers opting to hide the feature in the walls, with only the button to flush showing.

2.Accessibility will be a concern

As our population ages, features like grab rails and shower seats are set to become more prominent in bathroom spaces. These considerations are already influencing design – builders need to ensure walls are strong enough to allow for future modification, while space needs to be allocated for their installation.

Thought also needs to be put into the aesthetic – how can designers integrate accessibility features without losing the look and feel of a modern bathroom?

3.Drainage is falling in line

Drainage might not be the most glamourous of subjects, but when it comes to bathrooms, it’s essential to get right. Linear drains are rising in popularity, as they only require two-way floor grading, instead of the traditional four. They can also be placed anywhere in a wet area, opening up the design possibility.

4.Innovation is creeping in

While the humble toilet and shower haven’t really changed in the last 50 years, developments in technology mean they are due for a shake up. The innovation boom has finally hit the bathroom, with designers embracing the newest products to create an ideal environment. Tech is no longer just for the living room!

 5.Texture and tone are warming up

Aesthetically, 2019 will see a rise in matte textures, a trend that dominated kitchens in 2018.  However, in contrast to the often-dramatic looks of the kitchen, the bathroom will keep its calm colours, with warm colour palettes appearing more often than not.

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