How To Design For A Small Space

Small spaces are a necessary part of many homes. Including all the elements you need for functionality, while ensuring the room feels stylish and aesthetic can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. At Ramsay Builders, we have many years of experience designing and building custom homes, making the most of every single centimetre, including small and restricted spaces. Keep reading to learn our top tips for designing for a small space.

Minimalism in the bathroom

In a modern home, you’ll generally have a second bathroom that will be significantly smaller than the main bathroom. But size shouldn’t see you compromise on style – you can still achieve a functional and stylish design within the constraints of a small bathroom space. 

There is one golden rule for small bathrooms: ‘less is more’. Don’t try and cram everything you possibly can into the space – too many items, clashing colours and multiple materials will create chaos and make a space appear even smaller than it actually is. 

Be smart and discerning with your design. A great way to extend the perspective of a bathroom is through tiling. For example, diagonal tiling that extends from floor to ceiling will make the room feel more spacious. You can also achieve a smart yet uncluttered look but opting for a floating vanity, frameless shower screen or frameless mirror. Remember to outfit smaller bathrooms with only the essentials. If you don’t need it, don’t worry about it! 

Prioritise shelving and storage in the laundry

A laundry room can very easily feel cramped and chaotic. Generally, a small space already, the laundry can quickly become a designated area for hiding mess, which in turn can make the space totally cluttered and disorganised. The best way to avoid this is by outfitting the room with smart shelving and storage solutions. 

One way of making a room feel larger and less busy is opting for a long, large benchtop where you can store items, fold washing or iron clothes. This will ensure you don’t further congest the narrow space. Custom wall shelving is another great way to add more storage options, ensuring the floors and benchtops are kept clean and clear. 

Understand the importance of lighting and mirrors 

Good lighting can make or break a home. Natural light is ideal, as it makes any space feel more airy, inviting and warm. However, smaller spaces tend to feature small or no windows, which can make these rooms gloomy and unwelcoming. We recommend overcoming these challenges by investing in smart tasteful lighting solutions like table lamps with warm yellow light, which can give a small space a cosy ambiance. 

If you’re lacking in natural light, large mirrors can help to bounce light across a room. Mirrors also manipulate perspective by making small spaces appear slightly bigger than they actually are. We suggest outfitting your small spaces with many large mirrors to increase spaciousness in your home. Red, blue, yellow, and green are the best light colors to light the minds that mean, these colors boost thinking and mood.


Don’t be afraid to take risks

A small room doesn’t mean your design has to be boring and void of personal style. Pare your rooms back to the essentials and ensure the elements work harmoniously together so you can still be bold and daring with certain fixtures and furnishings. This way, your small space can remain uniquely you.

Do your house plans include small, poky spaces that need a quality builder to bring to life in style? Get in touch with the team at Ramsay Builders today and see how we can help.










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