How To Design Your Home For Entertaining



As the summer evenings roll in, they are accompanied by a new season of cheer and celebration. The end of the year marks a time on our calendars that brings many of us together with our dearest friends and family. Annual festivities and the holidays welcome new and old faces into the heart of your home – but is it ready for entertaining?

From our years of experience in crafting beautiful new homes, we understand how to translate your entertaining needs with functionality and flair. When designing your customised home, we come together to identify what matters most to you when others are in your home. We ask the important questions like do you entertain frequently or just on special occasions like Christmas Day? Whether your home will accommodate a table of many friends and family or you prefer more of an intimate setting, we’ll find the right design made just for you. Read on to hear our top tips and advice that you need to know to create the perfect at-home hosting hub!





Set your purpose



Planning your future entertaining area doesn’t need to be stressful and time consuming so we recommend beginning the process by narrowing down the purpose of your space. Ranging from summer pool parties, holiday merriments, dinner gatherings and more – designing the entertaining areas in your home with intention will set you on the right track.

There is an array of possibilities to map out the body of your home. Orientation and layout play a key role in creating an effortless space for your guests. Consider where you’ll place furniture, how you’ll style your lighting selections, and the feel of your final materials and finishes. Also note the location of any technology or devices as they should be placed in accessible positions to enhance your unique at-home hosting experience.

Factor in your lifestyle

When you’re designing your personalised build, you want the environment of your space to reflect your lifestyle. Your entertaining area should embody the harmonious balance of comfort, practicality and your distinctive style. If cooking for others is your idea of a perfect night in, consider including an outdoor kitchen in your design plan. When you’re ready to wind down with dinner you can have the luxury of dining alfresco – equip your outdoor spaces with a BBQ, ample storage and a kitchen island to create a central place to gather and prepare homemade meals with complete ease.

Prioritise year-round liveability

As the seasons change and we all settle into the colder months of the year, it’s important to ensure that your entertaining zones are furnished with heating and cooling options so you can enjoy your space year-round. Whether its day or night, invite your guests into a welcoming, cosy atmosphere with the ambience and warmth created by a fireplace or overhead heaters. Alternatively, work with your luxury home builder to discuss installing ceiling fans and sliding glass doors to create an open plan experience and allow fresh air to flow in, creating a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor entertaining areas. We also highly encourage you to get your builder’s advice on the placement of electrical outlets, as this provides extra flexibility for all at-home events.

Design for convenience

When building your home, think about how to optimise your kitchen and dining spaces to not only welcome guests, but also to make hosting easier for you. This is best achieved by including a variety of carefully considered and functional design features. Prioritise creating a smart space with ample storage and large benchtops to ensure your work zones allow for smooth preparation and easy serving. If this is something that is high on your priority list, consider installing a butler’s pantry for additional storage, allowing easier organisation of your cookware and hiding any bulky kitchen appliances from view. At Ramsay Builders, we understand how functionality can add a touch of luxury to the heart of your home.









Contact our friendly team to discuss how we can help you create a home tailormade for entertaining. Merry Christmas, and enjoy the holiday season!



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