Kitchen Trends for 2018

The kitchen is no doubt the hub of the home ­– it’s where amazing meals are created, stories are shared and drinks are consumed! Therefore, no matter your style preferences, getting the design of your kitchen right is of the upmost importance.

Not sure where to start? Here are just some of the trends we think will be turning up over the next 12 months.

Stone benchtops

The ubiquitous stone benchtops are here to stay, remaining a strong choice of material. However, we expect to see the texture mixed with natural timbers to create an earthy feel, appearing across flooring, furniture and fixtures. In some cases, designers have gone one step further, creating a dual benchtop of stone and timber.

Matte black cabinetry

Black is the new black. The dark tone is appearing on cabinets across Australia, creating a sleek and sophisticated feel. We’ve even noticed some black sinks making appearances! To create contrast and break up the aesthetic, brass fittings and furnishings have also made a comeback, appearing as taps, light fittings and handles.

Customised handles

Handles also offer a way to add a personal touch to your kitchen. The style of the oft-forgotten element is branching beyond metallic to elongated timber, adding a left-of-centre look to kitchens. In some cases, handles are also being custom-designed, ensuring the kitchen is as unique as can be.

Homemade highlights

2018 won’t just be about a sleek and contemporary aesthetic. Homemade décor is slowly creeping back into the fold, with elements like woven baskets and lampshades and terrarium plants all appearing. They each contribute to a sense of homeliness, softening up the space.

Simple lighting

What’s a kitchen without the proper lighting? While downlights still dominate the general space, pendant lighting is going through a change, with a move away from dome and oversized pieces to simpler designs.

Texture and colour

Splashbacks are having their moment and are being recognised as a fantastic way to introduce texture and pattern. As such, we expect glass to be slowly phased out and interesting tiling to dominate. In the same way, the minimalist colour palette is slowly making way for warm and earthy colours, complementing the introduction of timber, as noted above.

Is 2018 the year your kitchen gets a makeover? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help bring your vision to life.

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