What Does Quality Mean to You?

When we ask our clients, “what does quality mean to you?” it’s always interesting to see what their interpretation is. While there are certain attributes and ideas that we associate with ‘quality’, the term is a subjective one, which has different meanings for different people. 

A tangible characteristic

For some, quality is all about the finish and fixtures that appear in their home – from stone benchtops to brushed gold tapware. Quality can also refer to craftsmanship – like when paintwork is completed to a high standard, with no streaks and an even texture, or brickwork with perfectly straight lines, even mortar joints and an impeccable finish.

For others, quality is a measure of standard and connotes a degree of excellence. Are the products used for construction of the home, of a superior quality and high standard? Will the materials and craftsmanship stand the test of time? Are the products fit for their purpose and will they ensure the structural integrity of the build is maintained? Will the quality of the materials and workmanship mean that the home will last for a lifetime? 

Quality isn’t just about the end result

It’s not always about the finished product. Quality also be about the service provided by a new home builder. This can be measured by the builder’s reliability and communication throughout the build, their professionalism and how they handle complications or issues. It can also refer to whether the builder was dependable throughout the process. 

Quality can also be about expectations and the perception of the process by the customer. They may ask themselves: Did the builder fulfill my expectations and deliver what I wanted out of a home? Did I get the home I wanted in the time and budget outlined? Were my values of honesty, integrity and craftsmanship met by my chosen builder? 

Our team champion all aspects of quality

No matter what your interpretation is, at Ramsay Builders we fulfill all these markers of quality. We work to deliver quality in all facets of our business. We have worked hard over the years to understand the needs of our customers and incorporated this into our processes to construct your dream home.

We use quality products in our homes that will last the test of time. We help select these to suit your budget.

We use quality tradespeople for all aspects of the project and have a quality assurance checklist for each stage of the build

We pride ourselves on our attentive and frequent communication with clients, which is offered via weekly phone calls, regular emails and daily logs on our state-of-the-art client portal. Each member of our team is hand-selected by our director Brett Ramsay for their skill and personality traits and is always friendly and professional.

Our entire team is dedicated to building you a quality home that you can be proud of for many years to come.

Are you ready to work with a builder who will deliver a high-quality home and service? Get in touch with the expert team at Ramsay Builders today.

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