What Happens Before I Start Building

Like any new home build, laying down a strong foundation is vital to a successful project. And this applies to the pre-construction phase too. From applying for permits, to choosing your selections, what you do before you start building will help streamline the entire experience. Preparation is half the battle, after all.

So, to help you understand what happens before building commences, our trusted team at Ramsay Builders has compiled the following list of key items.


Obtaining the right permits isn’t the most exciting part of your build – we know. That’s why we can take care of all the permits for you; including town planning, demolition, and building. And, if you need additional council documentation, structural plans, energy rating documentation or any other documentation required to apply for a building permit – we can help you with this too.

Choosing your selections

Some changes are unavoidable in any home build but locking in your selections during the early stages of your building journey can help reduce the chances of this happening. That’s why we recommend partnering with an organised architectural builder who will discuss your selections with you sooner, rather than later.

When you engage Ramsay Builders, one of our first meetings with you is the design and specification brief where we’ll discuss inclusions and specifications.


  • How many bedrooms you need
  • The style of kitchen
  • Dining and living rooms
  • Outdoor living space design
  • How many storeys
  • The specific fittings
  • Areas to be tiled
  • Brand of timber flooring
  • Appliances.

Plus, consider other elements required to deliver the home you have always wanted. Together, we’ll take your dreams and put them on paper.

As exciting as this stage is, we are highly aware of what a significant financial investment building a home is. So, we’ll discuss the areas where we can save you money by selecting a different material, product, or method that won’t compromise on quality.

Communication and transparency with your builder

There are numerous technical aspects to a new home build, so it’s only natural that you may have many questions. That’s why it’s vital you choose a builder who isn’t just knowledgeable and skilled, but transparent in their communication with you. There is no better feeling than knowing your home is poised to begin construction with all the correct pieces in place.

At Ramsay Builders, we’ll provide you with a detailed project specification list tailored exclusively to your requirements. You’ll have detailed knowledge and understanding of your project from the start right through to the handover. This includes working plans of your new home with internal elevations, electrical plans, and flooring finishes, so you can visualise how your new home will look.

Our construction processes are backed by a team of professionals, who are available to provide you with assistance and advice. With Ramsay Builders, you can rest easy knowing your dream home is in the right hands.

Begin your building journey

Whether you’re starting from scratch, have initial plans, or simply have a question – Ramsay Builders is here to help. Our expertise, commitment to service, and proven processes equip us to build luxury properties that you’ll love to call home for years to come.

Contact us today to start building the home of your dreams.

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