Why Do I Need Both a Site Survey and a Soil Report?

While building a house may seem simple in theory, there is so much involved, including a thorough  investigation into your property. Even before your ideas can be turned into plans for your new home and you move through the design phase of your project, you must first have a site survey and soil report completed to determine existing site conditions and identify any potential issues that may arise, requiring engineering solutions.

Having these two important things completed before you begin will save you time and money down the line. But why do you need a site survey or a soil report for that matter? Keep reading to find out…

Site Survey

The main reason for a site survey is to nominate the existing site conditions, including levels, existing dwellings and outbuildings, significant trees, services and fencing. Levels are also required to accurately measure the fall of the property and the requirements of retaining walls, split levelling or ramping.

The site survey will also consider details of the adjoining property including existing dwelling locations, windows private open space and trees. These details will help determine the setbacks, heights, site coverage, private open space, overlooking and overshadowing of your new home, ensuring it complies with regulations. The main regulations the site survey will consider are ResCode requirements, or Victorian Building Regulations, and specific council property overlays.

While engaging a contractor for a site survey, it’s also a good idea to obtain a soil report to determine the technique of your build.

Soil Report

A soil report has various classifications, which will determine the structural design of your new home. The soil report will also regulate the drainage required throughout construction and after completion to protect the foundations of your home. Most of the projects we are involved with at Ramsay Builders are classified as ‘P’, with the following conditions being a factor:

  • Soft soils
  • Trees either existing or have been removed
  • Recently demolished or existing building on site
  • Land subject to flooding
  • Erosion management issues
  • Has reactive conditions such as abnormal moisture

This report is what’s used to classify the soil and will ultimately impact upon the way we design and construct your home. It will also help us decide whether an engineer is required to help design the footings and foundation of the home, to ensure it is up to regulation standards.

It’s integral that you have a site survey and soil report completed before you enter the design phase to ensure your plans comply with site conditions, soil conditions suit the required design and the required professionals are consulted where necessary.

Our luxury home builders can assist you in sourcing a contractor to conduct a site survey and soil report, so your property is safe and ready for your new home. GET IN TOUCH with us today to find out more.

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