Why it pays to choose a Design & Construct Builder



When embarking on your building journey, it’s common to feel overwhelmed by the unknown intricacies and processes involved in your project. But with the experience of a design & construct builder, mapping out your perfect plan for your home becomes a fun and uncomplicated journey.

Keep reading to learn how working with a team of design & construct experts can guarantee you a smooth, stress-free build from start to finish.

Streamline your experience

As you commence your building project, you may choose to start with an architect, develop plans and then take these to a nominated architectural builder. While this process works for some, it can lead to unforeseen overspending in budget, extended timelines, and even miscommunication when it comes to your plans and goals for your new home.

When you choose an all-in-one design & construct builder your vision is secured by the collaborative approach you’ll experience from day one. Guided by a team of trusted professionals, your dream build will be brought to life within budget and to the exact specifications you detailed from the outset. Furthermore, you can enjoy the convenience of only having one main point of contact throughout your build, making for a more straightforward experience.

Increased trust and accountability

When you select a design & construct approach you will have direct access to your builder during the entirety of the process, from concept to completion. You’re choosing informed professionals to provide accountability and clear communication in every stage, removing the potential for circumstances that could cause stress and misunderstandings. They’ll do the extra work behind the scenes that ensures the success of your build, such as obtaining council permits, engineering, and keeping on top of regulations.

At Ramsay Builders, we also add a 10-year structural warranty with every build to give you the utmost confidence in your new home and our commitment to its quality.

Greater budget control

Arguably the most beneficial result of using a design & construct builder is the all-in collaboration between the client, builder and designer. You’ll be able to work together on an agreed budget from the outset, allowing both consistency in managing the project and flexibility to discuss new costs should they arise.

A design & construct builder will have a thorough understanding of the cost breakdown of labour and materials, allowing them to help you tailor a design that fits not only your needs, but also your budget. They’ll also have knowledge of alternative building methods that can help you save on time and costs without compromising the desired outcome.

Alternatively, choosing to design a home based on architect pricing alone can result in discrepancies and changes in your final design that could potentially blow out your budget. Not only will this cost you financially, but it can also delay the progress of your project.

Stick to a timeline

Completing your building project with one design & construct builder rather than managing multiple sources for various services also allows for increased time efficiency. Avoiding having a line-up of contacts will prevent disruptions to your timeline, skipping the hassle of multiple parties working around each other rather than together. At Ramsay Builders, we have proven processes that allow us to keep your build within budget and timeline.

Guaranteed specialised knowledge

Get ahead with your build by trusting one team of experts. By selecting a company of professionals who integrate their industry knowledge with years of experience, your process is equipped with less risk and higher reward. Builders can inform clients and designers of possible hurdles before they occur, and designers will be on hand to provide guidance throughout the building process. This allows everyone to help each other, working towards your vision in a practical and harmonious way. Overall, design and construct builders have the unique knowledge and resources required to obtain and share key information on your build, and can put all the pieces of the puzzle together.


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